Who We Are:

Orion is aiming to become the leading supplier and repairer of transformers and electrical equipment in East Africa. Our first factory and service centre in Africa is in Uganda and was commissioned in April 2015 with an annual capacity of 500,000 kVa. Orion's facilities in Asia have produced > 60M kVa of transformers and have >20 year track record selling to some of the largest utilities in the world.(View Company Profile)


What We Believe:

The transformer market in Uganda and other East African countries has historically been characterised by one-off imported orders which have often resulted in the supply of low quality transformers which do not have any on-the-ground support for after-sales care. We saw this market failure as an opportunity to change the paradigm of transformer supply in East Africa. We decided to invest in top quality facilities in the region before even starting the sales process.

Not only does this allow us to deliver high quality locally produced transformers, but also it allows us to deliver differential after-care service with quick turnaround times. If you ask anyone who has bought or maintained transformers in Uganda, they will tell you how important that after-care component is when it comes to optimising the lifetime economic value of the transformer.

We believe that actions speak louder than words, and we hope that by putting significant upfront investment in these facilities and systems proves that we are serious about bringing a new level of quality & service to the East African transformer market.

Target Market

East Africa has historically had low electrification rates but that is set to change. Uganda’s distribution & transmission companies are going to invest heavily into the grid to meet the requirements of the national development plan as well as projects such as Karuma and Isimba. Other countries in the region such as Kenya are also making huge investments into their grids as well. These expansions are leading to a growing market for high quality transformers in the region.

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