Our Vision

To become the leading transformer and related electrical equipment company in East Africa.

Our Mission

To leverage our factory and service center in Uganda and manufacturing facilities in Asia to provide East African customers with high quality reliable transformers and related electrical equipment with customizable service at competitive prices.

Orion Transformers is the leading supplier of  certified highest quality transformers in East Africa with excellent service and support.

With 6 years of experience in manufacturing transformers in Uganda and a 24 year track record globally, our team from management, engineering and manufacturing personnel craft the most reliable and certified products designed to exceed the highest safety & quality standards in Uganda & internationally.

At the core of our brand, there’s exceptional hand craftsmanship and quality with solutions custom designed for value when an off the shelf transformer just won’t do.

Every single transformer we make is tested and inspected to assure that it meets our customers’ requirements and expectations.

Core Values


Our value proposition is anchored in providing the highest quality products available in the market which is why we offer a full warranty and stand by it.


By establishing a factory and service center in Uganda, we are ensuring we can provide our East African customers with a high level customized service which result in improved supply processes.


We price our products & services at affordable rates.

What We Believe


The transformer market in Uganda and other East African countries has historically been characterised by one-off imported orders which have often resulted in the supply of low quality transformers which do not have any on-the-ground support for after-sales care. We saw this market failure as an opportunity to change the paradigm of transformer supply in East Africa. We decided to invest in top quality facilities in the region before even starting the sales process.

Not only does this allow us to deliver high quality locally produced transformers, but also it allows us to deliver differential after-care service with quick turnaround times. If you ask anyone who has bought or maintained transformers in Uganda, they will tell you how important that after-care component is when it comes to optimising the lifetime economic value of the transformer.

We believe that actions speak louder than words, and we hope that by putting significant upfront investment in these facilities and systems proves that we are serious about bringing a new level of quality & service to the East African transformer market.

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